Our recruitment services also analyse whether the person, the technical knowledge and the social behaviour are compatible with your business culture.



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Advantages of working with CBA

More Candidates

Since 1972 many, many IT and telecom professionals looking for a new position have used our services. Every day we receive CVs from people who know us already, or to whom we have been recommended, or who have read the job offers we have published. With our help you will have more candidates, save time and improve your chances of finding the right new member of your staff. 


The world of Information Technology is a small one. Many highly qualified specialists and executives would prefer to receive more information about a potential employer or a position before letting it be known that they are looking for new job opportunities. In such cases we can be instrumental in facilitating valuable contacts.

Comprehensive Database

CBA maintains a database of IT professionals which is probably the most comprehensive in Switzerland. It contains information about their technical knowledge and professional experience. We use this database for search assignments you entrust us with. We will be pleased to submit you an offer. Please call us in order to discuss the next steps.

CBA Employment Exchange

We run one of the leading employment exchanges for IT specialists. We will be pleased to publish your vacancies without charge. Just send us your job descriptions or copies of your job advertisements to jobs(at)cba.ch.

IT Salary Structures

The Managing Director of CBA is also responsible for an annual salary survey for the largest IT association in Switzerland (SwissICT). This puts us in an excellent position to give you up-to-date information about the salaries paid to IT professionals.

Get a Second Opinion

Employing the wrong person can cost you a great deal of time and money, a risk which can be avoided by obtaining a second opinion. We analyse the professional development of potential candidates, review their self-assessment, examine their motives for changing jobs and inspect previous employers' references. We can also advise you about the possibilities and limitations of personality assessments.

Efficient Recruitment

Hiring new employees invariably costs time and money. We are well established in the job market and are familiar with the various recruiting channels and ways to achieve the best results, irrespective of the prevailing economic situation.

Your Next Move

Call us or send an email at jobs(at)cba.ch. We will arrange an appointment to discuss the possibilities for recruiting IT specialists. We will then submit an offer outlining our proposal for the optimum way to fill the vacant position.