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Advantages of using CBA

Specialists looking for Specialists

Since 1972 CBA has been recruiting IT specialists and managers. All our consultants have an IT background and are familiar with the various jobs of data processing and automation.

Decide with Full Knowledge of the Facts

When you plan your career or look for a new job, you not only have to choose an employer.  You also have to decide in which fields and economic sectors you would like to specialise. Furthermore, you must decide whether you want to become an expert in a certain field or if you are aiming at a management position. The chances and opportunities will vary according to your choice. Our information will help you to take the right decisions for your professional future.

Information about Potential Employers

We can supply you with independent information about companies, information that you won’t necessarily find in the internet. We maintain personal contacts with the companies for whom we try to find the right IT specialists, and we will only recommend positions which correspond to your technical knowledge, where the work climate suits your personality, and which will enable you to further your personal development.

Opening Doors

Your job application will have a greater impact coming from CBA because we know personally many people in managerial positions, either in human resources, in IT or in other sectors. These people appreciate the way we work and the recommendations we make. They particularly appreciate that we submit your file only if we are convinced that you are technically and personally suited to the position.

Finding the Ideal Job for You

Amongst our clients you will find large, well-known firms as well as smaller, up-and-coming companies offering some very interesting possibilities in various areas of activity. They keep us regularly informed about current vacancies which are not published elsewhere. In addition they monitor the candidates' profiles published on our website. Through us you will thus have a wide range of possibilities to enable you to find quickly the position that corresponds to your personal expectations.

The Job Market

We have daily contact with both candidates and employers. This gives us an excellent overview of the current economic situation and its impact on the job market, and the current trends. Contact us to stay informed, so as not to miss any opportunities and to be prepared for new developments.

Is Your Salary appropriate?

The Managing Director of CBA is also responsible for an annual salary survey for the largest IT association in Switzerland (SwissICT). This puts us in an excellent position to give you up-to-date information about the salaries paid to IT professionals.

Your Next Step

Are you looking for a new job? Or would you like to receive information on open positions and professional opportunities? Just call us or send us an email at jobs(at)cba.ch.