Our aim is to bring together candidates and employers who suit each other, and whose cooperation will be to the long-term benefit of both parties.

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Pioneering Start

CBA Computer Brainware Advisors AG was founded in 1972 by Thaddäus Brodmann. Before that he had been working in the field of electronic data processing. At that time the term information technology was not used, and there were no personnel consultancies specialising in the computer industry.

Specialists Seek Specialists

This idea originated in the United States and the United Kingdom. When planning their professional future and looking for new employment, specialists of certain professions applied for the help and advice of recruitment agencies which were active exclusively in particular fields. In 1972 this kind of service was absolutely new in Switzerland. Towards the end of the 70s other personnel agencies took up the idea, resulting in an increased awareness of these kinds of services and contributing further to the success of CBA.

Coveted Brainware

Hardware and software are terms which have been used in Anglo-Saxon countries ever since the introduction of programmable electronic devices. In the meantime they have been introduced into the vocabularies of many other languages. In 1972 CBA complemented these two terms with the word brainware. We wanted to express the idea that for a reasonable and expedient use of equipment produced in series (the hardware) and the sequences of instructions in a program (the software) something else is required; hardware and software are both produced by people. And ultimately it is the people (the brainware) who determine how these technologies are implemented, and the extent to which they contribute to the success of a company.